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Electronic Blasting Machine

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Electronic blasting machines which have been manufactured by Alfa Gamma Electronic Ltd for 46 years take the best of each electronic blasting machine model produced over the years. With this modern classic blasting machine, all the things required are provided without overlooking the needs of blasters.

With this user-friendly product that has a 1-300 number capsule blasting capacity makes your blasting more efficient. Thanks to its seal dust construction, using blasting machine on the field is smooth.

The ABS structure of the blasting machine contributes with durability. Knock-proof structure makes the product more stabile. It's easy to carry the blasting machine with specially-designed leather case.

Besides charging the blasting machine with mains electricity, it can also be charged in vehicles with car charger kit for continuous use of the product. It can easily be charged with 2 cables come with the product.

It's easy to decharge the blasting machine before or after blasting with decharge button located on top of the product.

• 1-300 Capsule capacity

• Charging system

• Durable ABS case

• Car charging kit

• Output voltage : 1000 Volt.

• Current limit resistance : 27 ohm

• R max : 500 ohm.

• Energy : 25 Joules


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